We are the Christian Business Angels (CBA), a group of Dutch business leaders seeking to help bring out the best of young entrepreneurs in under-developed countries.

Our inspiration has come from close cooperation with Compassion International's worldwide work to save children from poverty, and giving the brightest students a university eduction in their home country.

Our working relationship with Compassion's Leadership Development Program (LDP) for gifted students in Kenya has led us to set up an investment fund and business coaching for young entrepreneurs coming out of the LDP program.

Our Mission

To provide support and/or assistance for Compassion's Leadership Development Program (LDP) alumni to launch and/or grow businesses within their country of origin by providing early-stage investment funding and business consulting, with the ultimate aim of helping those alumni and their companies reduce poverty and increase local employment within their country.

As you can read above, our mission is "To support Compassion's LDP alumni to launch and/or grow businesses by providing early-stage investment funding and business consulting"

To realize this mission we developed the idea of a Business Plan Competition: eligible LDP students and alumni are encouraged to develop a business plan, of which the best are considered forwards for initial CBA support, both financially and with business coaching.

We welcome you here on our website and hope the information will inspire you to support us, recommend us and even join us.

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